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Roadside assistance. Compare the cheapest breakdown cover offers below or choose to compare by level or company above.

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Compare the best breakdown companies - see how the top 3 breakdown companies compare below: Choosing the right breakdown cover.

Breaking down is never fun and without adequate breakdown insurance, recovery prices can prove verycostly. Today there are a whole host of breakdown and recovery companies offering varying levels of protection, from basic road side assistance, to get you going again or tow you to the nearest garage, to comprehensive services that can help you get to your destination or put you up in a local hotel should your car not be fixed at the road side.

To help you choose the best breakdown cover for your car, van or motorbike, we have compiled a breakdown and recovery comparison guide, giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Type of cover

Vehicle based cover - This is usually the cheapest breakdown cover option, you insure one vehicle for any driver. If you only own or drive one vehicle then this option could be the one for you.

Personal breakdown cover - This gives you break down cover for any car, van or motorbike you drive or are a passenger in. Some breakdown companies offer joint or family breakdown cover if you choose the personal option, this is usually limited to people living at the same address as the main policy holder.

Level of cover

Roadside Assistance - Basic roadside assistance is a fix at the side of the road service, if your car, van or motorbike cannot be fixed you will be towed to a local garage. Roadside assistance does not apply if you break down at home or usually within a quater of a mile of home or your registered policy address.

Vehicle Recovery - Car breakdown recovery packages extend roadside assistance allowing you to choose where your car and its passengers (usually a maximum of 7) are taken to, either to a local garage, back home or to anywhere in the UK mainland

Home Rescue - Home Start extends roadside assistance to cover your home address and the first quater mile from your home. If you require insurance against your car not starting in the morning you will need to add this to your policy.

Onward Travel - Adding onward travel to your policy gives you the most comprehensive protection available. Although each company is slightly different, the onward travel option commonly covers you while your car, van or motorbike is being repaired. Usually this inludes car hire, hotel accommodation or the cost of completing your journey by public transport. As with all insurances, there are limits to how much you can claim but as a rough guide, car hire is anything between 1 and 3 days maximum and hotel and public transport costs are capped at about £100. See individual breakdown services for up to date terms and conditions.

European Breakdown Cover - Breakdown cover in Europe while you are on holiday or on business can be very expensive should you need to get your vehicle back to the UK. European packages include single day, single trip and anual cover as either a stand alone product or an add on to your main policy.

Car Breakdown Services

The 3 largest breakdown companies in the UK account for the majority of policies sold that are not included as part of another product or servie such as a new car or bank account. This website compares AA, RAC and Green Flag offers but we will endeavor to add other companies shortly.

AA Membership

RAC Membership

Green Flag Membership

For more details of what each company offers try the following The AA RAC Green Flag Churchill Breakdown Insurance Norwich Union Breakdown More Than Breakdown Cover Endsleigh Insurance Autonational Insurance GEM Breakdown Cover ETA Breakdown Cover.

Each company guide will give you an in depth look at that company, highlighting the services they offer, the size of the company and its vehicle patrols (either their own or contracted services), the history of the company within the breakdown sector, the pros and cons of chosing breakdown cover with them, and finally how we rate them. You will also be able to compare each company with any of the others we have reviewed.

To find the latest offers see our breakdown offers page, this is updated every week, we highlight what each company is offering as a discount and any free upgrades available.

To find out what we recommend see our recommended breakdown cover page. Here we'll give you recommendations for each level of cover, taking into consideration the price and service you are likely to receive.

For other levels of cover see our full breakdown cover chart and compare the AA, RAC, Green Flag and many more insurance companies: